Eager young readers will love these modern fairytales featuring a young violinist and his encounters with a variety of elemental beings

Brownies, aside from being cameras, cookies, Girl Scouts, and "points" (as in "brownie points"), are actually gnomes. In fact, the brownie gnome is much older than these other things. As long ago as the 17th Century, the great German doctor, Paracelsus, designated the Brownie an "Earth Elemental." This earth elemental, or gnome, was said to abide in hollow tree trunks. beneath forest leaf and brush, and sometimes, in your house. Perhaps real brownies lived with writer/illustrator Palmer Cox, in the towered manor house he called "Brownie Castle," where he settled in the early 1900's. This was after he made the Brownie famous. Perhaps he saw their tiny shadows, heard their footsteps or, out of the corner of his eye, watched them dart across the floor. We have imagined that he did. What if, after more than 100 years, the brownies return to Brownie Castle? Such is the setting of our tale. The Return of the Brownies, Book One of The Gate Between The Worlds, is a classic modern fairy tale about the Brownies and the elemental worlds that lie just beyond our sight. Skylar, a nine-year-old with immense curiosity, can see gnomes and fairies and other elemental spirits as well, for he is blessed with second sight. With the help of brownies and fairies, Skylar defeats the meeneemons, evil toys who have proliferated on Earth and are threatening to bar fairies from crossing the Gate between the Worlds.

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Fairyland has changed! Fairies, elves, wizards, dragons, and gnomes have begun to take on very human characteristics. Sometimes forgetting how to perform the simplest magic, fairy godmothers go into retirement at the age of two thousand years, wizards travel around in flying saucers and submarines, and fairies and elves assume hilarious variations of human lifestyles; their palaces often appearing as a sort of whacky Downton Abbey.

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